What’s Your Favorite Kind of Bookmark? #amreading

Hello, fellow book junkies! I popped into my blog today to spark a bit of discussion about bookmarks.

One of my favorite types of bookmarks are the homemade kind. A friend of mine drew an amazing bookmark for herself. It’s folded into four panels. On each panel is a Pegasus representing each of the four elements so, for instance, the Pegasus of fire has flames rising from its wings, etc. I covet that bookmark so much. I’ve dropped hints but. . .

If I were a better artist, I’d probably make myself a four-fold bookmark of Kell from ADSOM wearing each of four different coats.

Then again, I lose bookmarks like cuh-razy, so I’m probably better off not investing too much time and money into them. Still, it’s fun to have pretty and unique bookmarks to choose from. Lately the bookmarks I use the most include:

  • the bookmark I bought from a local museum–I would show you a picture of it but, I kid you not, I can’t find it right now. That’s how bookmarks and I roll.
  • whatever slips of paper are randomly lying around when I decide to close my book.

What kinds of bookmarks do you like to use? Do you receive lots of bookmarks as gifts? Are you one of those people who never needs a bookmark because you can always remember what page you left off on?

30 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Kind of Bookmark? #amreading

  1. my bookmark is usually anything I can find at the moment–I’ve used anything from a receipt to toilet paper, lol! my favorite bookmark, though, is a metal heart bookmark my mom got me!


  2. Great topic, Eve! I tend to use scraps of paper as bookmarks, though I’ve saved some nice ones I’ve bought as souvenirs or received as gifts over the years. My favorite might be one from the Charles Dickens House in London.


  3. I LOVE all the cute bookmarks out there in the world. Lately my favorite has been some magnetic Harry Potter character clips that I bought on Etsy. They were actually supposed to be a gift but I loved them so much I had to buy a second set for me!

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  4. Bookmarks go the way of socks I guess! I love this post as I used to collect bookmarks. From every museum, stately home, castle, town – here and abroad. I had a box full – this has me wondering what happened to the collection. Did it come with me through various moves or is it still at my mother’s in the loft? I have a couple of museum ones at the moment plus a beautiful leather one with varied block pattern of colours (I used it on one of my posts). Particular favourite have been handmade tatting ones from friends – so delicate and beautiful.

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  5. I visit my Grandma in a home and by the reception desk is a little glass cabinet where people sell handmade things. One of the ladies (Ruth is her name) sells little hand knotted snowflakes. They look like delicate little pieces of art. I buy one every time I go and use them. Unfortunately this last time the case was empty, I’m too sad to ask why. They make the best bookmarks.

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  6. What fun! I like the magnetic kind that clip onto the page and hold firm without crumpling the paper. I also have a friend who makes bookmarks with painted craft sticks and tassels for her booths in farmer’s markets, so I have a few of those. Very pretty. Then there are the bookmarks you pick up at book signings and stuff. And the ones that come in the mail from World Wildlife…

    I guess I never met a bookmark I didn’t like.

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  7. I, like Annika Perry, used to collect bookmarks. I still pick up the free ones at libraries if I like the design. I have some really cool one, but those I keep in a bag in a closet because I don’t want to use them and have them wear out. Yeah, I’m overprotective of my bookish and writing things. My favorite is called a Book Flip. It has a cool metal horse with a wire round hook on the end with a long cord attached. You put the wire in the middle of the book and the horse stays on the outside of the book’s spine and the cord can be flipped in and out of whatever page you are at. (I’d show a photo, but I don’t know where it’s at right now. It’s in a book around here somewhere.)
    But, like most of the comments on here, I simply grab any scrap of paper that is handy, although I’ve never used toilet paper.


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