If You Were a Modern-Day Noah, Which Animals Would You Save?

Noah's Ark

What if there were an apocalypse looming and the decision on which animals to save was all up to you?  What if you only had time and space to save a few dozen species?

I admit, my first inclination would be a selfish one, to save dogs, horses, tigers, goats, wolves, whales, elephants, and wild birds because I enjoy them,  plus cows and chickens because I like milk and eggs.  But what about the survival of the planet and how animals would serve the new ecosystem?  What justifies saving predators?  Would we need to keep rodents and cockroaches around for some reason?  Snakes? Spiders? Mosquitoes?

I’m not Saying I have an Imaginary Friend. . .

I.F.'s peace sign-patterned loveseat

But if I did, then she just said to me (from the comfort of her peace-sign-patterned loveseat), “Gravity doesn’t exist in my world.  I can rise as high as I need to, so get out from under those ceilings so we can soar.”

She’s corny like that sometimes.