Works in Progress

I’m currently working on two very different YA fantasy projects.

THE BOOK OF GLASS AND LIGHT (BOGAL) is an alternate-world YA fantasy about a bi Cinderella who falls for a princess-knight in a magical world inspired by the Baltics. It’s filled with nature, moon magic, and feminine power. Every three hundred years, babies born on True Night (full moon eclipse on winter solstice) inhale the moon’s magic with their first breath. True Night children have the ability to travel between the land of the living, the spirit world, and the land of ancestors. This gives them great power–as long as they can figure out how to use it. But it also makes them the target of devils and humans who want to take advantage of their power.

INGRID BLACK CHRONICLES is still in the planning stages, and it has a much different vibe from BOGAL. This novel is super modern, almost futuristic, and features a protagonist with a chip on her shoulder and mad skill at tracking malevolent entities. Like with all my stories, INGRID BLACK CHRONICLES has a vividly imagined, magical world and a diverse cast of empowered female characters.

Happy reading!

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