Top Three “Author Uniforms” Big-Name Y.A. Male Writers Wear #amwriting #amreading

I am a writer. I daydream. Sometimes I daydream about what it would be like to attend my own book signing or to speak at a conference. (My introvert palms are sweating about that one already.) The obvious question, “What would I wear?” got me browsing through photos of my favorite female Y.A. authors, whose outfits apparently run the gamut  from T-shirts and jeans to designer dresses. No help there. Then I noticed something interesting. Big-name male YA authors sport a kind of “author’s uniform.” If you’re a male (or female) author searching for a good public look, here are three options you might want to consider.

The Rock Star

I challenge anyone to find a photo of Neil Gaiman not dressed in black. (Costumes don’t count.) Gaiman’s “author uniform” (which he totally rocks) consists of a black shirt, black blazer, and black pants. Occasionally, Gaiman mixes things up with a black sweater, black trench coat, or black bomber jacket. Are you detecting a theme here? Gaiman prefers clothing that’s dark like his stories, one of my favorites being The Graveyard Book.

The Boy Next Door

Imaginative and prolific author Patrick Ness’s go-to author uniform is a polo shirt with zip-up hoodie and jeans. Hey, whatever works, as long as he keeps writing books like The Knife of Never Letting Go.   

It is worth noting that for gala events, Ness cleans up very nicely. Guys are so lucky to be able to slip on a gorgeous tuxedo and call it a day.

The Friendly Professor

Yep, that would be John Green, who meets with the public wearing a tieless dress shirt, blazer and jeans.


Which author uniform is your favorite? If you were to attend an event as an author, what would you wear?

–Eve Messenger

14 thoughts on “Top Three “Author Uniforms” Big-Name Y.A. Male Writers Wear #amwriting #amreading

  1. LMAO oh, Eve–leave it to you to notice what your favorite authors wear on a consistent basis! I don’t even pay attention to what I wear half the time!

    This was an entertaining read–I particularly like Neil Gaiman’s section. It reminds me of a professor I had in college (philosophy I believe?), who was FAMOUS (and I mean this literally–he had a wikipedia page made about him, and whoever wrote it mentioned this on there. he told us this in class one day.) for wearing the same outfit every day: Jeans. Turtleneck (of three? varying colors). And that was preeeetty much it. XD

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  2. Hmmm!!! I looove this sooo much!!! 😍 I totally dig Gaiman’s style and I’d definite pull a rocker thing. My wardrobe as it is is primarily black and I like combat boots so yeah, that’d def be my author uniform! 😍

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    • Black with combat boots, yes!! I like Neil Gaiman’s look best, too, in part because he looks awesome and in part because I love black, too! If I were to–when, Eve, WHEN I start dressing up for author events, I might want to go all princess-y like Cassandra Clare.

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  3. Eve, this is a fun post, gentle day-dreaming…which if it ever became reality would have me in a terrible state! 😀 do like a black leather jacket look but not sure this would suit me for a book signing…but then nothing too officious or prim…my husband would say I’d have to wear a scarf as he insists all writers wear them! It would be handy to pull over my head and hide from the audience in terror!

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