The Random Tag

Thank you to Lila @ The Bookkeeper’s Secrets for tagging me with The Random Tag and thus giving me an excuse to reveal more random facts about myself. 🙂  If you’re looking for great recommendations on books AND music, please check out Lila’s blog.

1.What is your favorite food?
Indian! Serve up the palak paneer, please. 🙂 Oh, and Korean barbecue–I can’t choose. I love all the Korean side dishes.


2.What are you having for dinner tonight?
My husband is a great cook (thank goodness, or we’d starve), and he made pulled pork.

3.Who was the last person you emailed? 

Kristy Acevedo.




4.What sports do you do?
I’m a huge fan of women’s volleyball.



5.Do you have any pet hates?
When people make other people feel small.

6.Do you play any instruments?
I love playing music!! Piano, guitar, and djembe, in that order. And I love singing harmony.


I NOW TAG . . .

Melanie Noell Bernard

Amy @ Every Book You Need to Read and More

Shatona @ The Positive Black Woman

8 thoughts on “The Random Tag

  1. Er Ma Ger! I’ve been tagged! 0.0

    OO! Korean food! I’ve never actually had any of it, but it looks very good. ^.^ *hopes to try some while in Korea*

    Huh. I can totally see you playing volleyball.

    You sing harmony?! I sing melody! We should do a duet! *.* And I’m jealous of your mad guitar skills. My hands are too small to play guitar. -.- Even small guitars. *Sigh* *attempts to reach an octave on the piano*

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