Poll: Why Some Books Take Forever to Read #amreading

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In the golden age of Goodreads, it’s a joy and a badge of honor to be able to list the dozens of books we’ve read and, of course, fangirl over them with fellow book junkies. 😀 We LOVE reading novels! However, sometimes a book feels like it takes forever to read. Why? It might happen with short books or long ones, with books we enjoy and (more often) with books we don’t. When it seems to take an eternity to get through a book, what is the #1 reason?

25 thoughts on “Poll: Why Some Books Take Forever to Read #amreading

  1. Daunting books, dense (and hard-to-read) writing, not enough character building and a slow plot. My ultimate one has to be a slow plot, though. If the plot isn’t there…then I don’t want to continue reading.

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  2. I am not sure if I told you or another blogger but I have the attention span of a cat so I get easily distracted and will put down a book in a heartbeat especially if it is super long or is kind of dragging along a bit. This is probably another reason why, when I do write fiction (which is rare), it is a short story. I am actually reading a long book that a friend of mines recommended and I am moving through it slowly. It’s actually entertaining when I’m reading it but then I get distracted and forget about it. However, I found a good excuse, thanks to fellow book reader Ameriie (I’ll be posting about her and her beauty + book channel in a few weeks btw). Sometimes a book can be like a television series and you read one scene and then you put it down and then you read a few more and then you put it down and eventually you’ll finish it in due time. So that’s my excuse to my friend about his book recommendation. lol

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  3. Why does it take so long? ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. My goodness! Each book is this series is around 1,000 pages, making it near impossible for a slow reader like myself to finish it in a couple weeks, much less a month.

    And then there’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’ that I read recently. That took me forever because I was so baffled and lost by the writing style sometimes that I’d just have to put it down and come back later.

    Lastly: lack of time! It wouldn’t take me nearly as long to read a book if I wasn’t out of the house for 13 hours on my work days, but I am. So, alas, those lovely books have to wait until I have time. *sigh*

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      • Definitely! I mean, every time you pick the book up, you have to re-acclimate yourself to the world, the characters, the plot. AND if you’re reading more than one book at a time, it’s that much harder! Goodness. I don’t know how some of these bloggers post reviews so often!

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  4. I can’t stick with a book if the writer doesn’t grab my attention in the first three chapters, doesn’t give me a reason to care about the main character quickly, and doesn’t have a plot that moves the story along in an interesting and/or exciting way at a good pace — not too fast that I feel like something’s missing, and not too slow that I feel like it will never end.

    Maybe I’m too picky, or maybe it’s just because I’ve been a voracious reader for 43 years that I expect a lot from a book.

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  5. For me, it usually takes me forever to read a book if it’s not engaging. It’s interesting because there are some books that I’m not clicking with but my instinct tells me to stick it through and it usually pays off because it picks up in the second half of the book or something but I feel like I do DNF a lot of books.
    Apparently, the rule of thumb is to flip to page 60 (?) I think it was of a book and read a paragraph or two and see if you like it and it’s most likely a winner. I think it’s because by page 60, the book is suppose to have established some sort of character and plot..i don’t know how sound that advice is haha

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  6. I suffer from the Shiny Object Syndrome so sometimes it’s not the book that’s at fault but my own inability to stay focused. But if a book bores me, it’s likely to lose me. And it’s likely to lose me also if it’s too didactic and prescriptive.

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  7. When I was in college, I remember there was this book that we had to read for one of my classes and the book was so short but it forced you to read it slowly. That was the whole idea behind the book. It may have even been called slowly. I don’t remember now. Anyway, let me just say that trying to get through that book was tortured. I had no clue what the writer was talking about and I don’t think I ever finished it because I was annoyed with life at that moment. lol

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