Juggling Multiple Writing Projects #amwriting

As long as we work toward FINISHING a specific writing project by sticking to daily or weekly writing goals, it’s perfectly acceptable to occasionally divert our attentions to write on other projects that excite us.

Writing Fun Job FINAL



10 thoughts on “Juggling Multiple Writing Projects #amwriting

    • Sorry to hear about your writing slump, Stephanie. Sometimes it’s like that, I know. I have this document, sort of like a journal, called “Experiences of the First-Time Writer,” which I’ve kept for the past 2-3 years since I got really serious about publishing fiction. When I’m at a low point, if I do no other writing than this, I’ll write in that “Experiences” document about how and why I’m not writing. One of these days, hopefully after I’ve started publishing books, I’ll read back through it and realize how far I’ve come.


  1. I hear these words, I just wish I could follow them. Any tips on how not to go squirrel on every new thing? I can’t seem to finish anything beyond flash fiction. Even my short stories seem to get to the end of a first draft and stagnate.

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  2. You gotta have the carrot. I try to at least give myself a pat on the back, and when I finish a book, I get to buy a book I want. I call it the Circle of Books. See what I did there. lol


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