Fantastic Winter Break Binge-Watch : Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

Holy female badass, Netflix’s Jessica Jones is Marvel-ous. Great casting, acting, music, writing, and cinematography aside, Jessica Jones (played by Ann Hathaway lookalike Krysten Ritter) is a character you’d want to watch even if she didn’t possess superpowers. (J.J. Abrams and Disney would do well to take note of how this show does it–characters with depth are infinitely more watchable.)

Beneath Jessica Jones’ ability to throw 300-lb. guys through walls is an aching fragility. She is conflicted, pissed, boozy, shit-talking, embraces her own sexuality, thinks fast on her feet, and is devoted to what she does. Jessica’s bordering-on-con-artist skills as a private detective are especially entertaining.

More than any other series except Orange is the New Black, Jessica Jones brims with a perfect cast of strong, interesting female characters, notably Carrie-Ann Moss of Matrix/Trinity fame and Australian actress Rachael Taylor (who at first I could have sworn was Elisha Cuthbert all grown up) .

In case you haven’t watched Jennifer Jones yet, I’ll hold back from revealing which actor was chosen to play the sociopathic, mind-controlling supervillain, but I’ll say this: it was a genius casting decision.

–Eve Messenger (who occasionally takes time away from writing and reading to watch TV shows and movies, especially during a blissful event called three-week winter break.)

10 thoughts on “Fantastic Winter Break Binge-Watch : Jessica Jones

  1. Great post, Eve! I love Jessica Jones. It manages to be simultaneously fun and dark (and a bit brutal). For me, the sexually explicit scenes are icing on the cake. Ha ha! (I mean… seriously? How gorgeous is Mike Colter?)

    And the casting choice for Kilgrave… brilliant! And I thought I couldn’t love that actor any more. He manages to be both a savage sociopath and a lonely, confused man-child and knocks it out of the ballpark. I can’t imagine anyone else pulling off that role.

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  2. I’ve watched two episodes and really enjoyed them. I really do like the fragile brittleness of Jessica’s character. She’s physically capable of incredible feats, but you don’t know what will set her off emotionally which with those two characteristics combine make for a dynamic character.

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