What if You’re Not a Natural Born Storyteller? #amwriting


Thankfully, one of the many great things about writing novels is that there are unlimited opportunities to revise and rewrite until we get our stories right—to make them great, even. Writers who are natural storytellers (those lucky devils) might have an easier time coming up with great plot ideas, but those of us who aren’t necessarily born storytellers have more work to do. We are readers and lovers of novels, so we know when a story is good. It just might take more time for us to get our own stories to that point.

12 thoughts on “What if You’re Not a Natural Born Storyteller? #amwriting

    • Absolutely, Mary Cathleen. Different aspects of the writing craft come more or less easily to different people. Bravely admitting our weaknesses and committing to improving them (rather than running in terror from them) is what transforms us from dreamers into true writers.

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      • That’s why I recently took early retirement from my day job. Since I need extra time to get what’s in my head to the computer screen, I decided to gift myself with that time. And having a supportive husband who wants me to follow my dream is a tremendous help.

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