Be Outlandish. Write Books with Wings #amwriting #nanowrimo


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As a writer, here are some things I try to remind myself.

Reach out for, and welcome, scary, crazy ideas because those can be the most brilliant. (Ask Vincent, Sylvia, F. Scott, and the gajillion artists who’ve come before us.)

Don’t be afraid to be outlandish. Think outside the box. Believe there is no box. When writing, allow yourself the freedom to freewheel unfettered through a galaxy of creativity. God, I love that part.

Revise with confidence. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t immediately get things right. Big, scary, daunting, multi-faceted, novel revision is a marathon, not a sprint–a marathon during which you get to stop and smell flowers, daydream, listen to music, and read other books (how cool is that?), with the ultimate goal of crossing the finish line with a novel you can be proud of.

Polish your novel until it has wings to fly: to overworked literary agents who perk up because you’ve written exactly what they’re looking for; to readers who are moved by your words, excitedly turn each page, and feel a sense of loss when they reach the last word.

Then write more novels to make those readers happy again.

–Eve Messenger

4 thoughts on “Be Outlandish. Write Books with Wings #amwriting #nanowrimo

  1. This is a wonderful post, Eve. I love being able to take ideas and make them crazy because anything is possible and the limits are your own imagination. It’s the best part. I love world-building. I love show people the world I created, even if they’ll probably think I’m crazy after they see it, but it’s the best part being able to share that crazy, unique, possibly scary, world you created with other people. ^.^

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  2. This is a beautiful post that should bring calm and peace to all writers. I love the ‘galaxy of creativity ‘ oh, that just allows you to breath in all the possibilities. I’m not a box person either, tried for many years but then gained the confidence to walk my own way and make true friends and do what I love and suits me. Very inspiring and just what I needed to read as I’m heading towards the end of my first draft, revising along the way now – perhaps I shouldn’t be doing that but ha! I’m out of the box!

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