What is Your “Moment?”

Many successful people actively visualize their life’s ambitions. Over and over, they imagine a specific moment that captures the essence of what they’d like to accomplish.

Before he made it big as an actor/comedian, Jim Carey used to drive to the top of Mulholland Drive, look out on the sparkling lights of Hollywood, and visualize himself receiving  a million-dollar check for his acting work. Professional quarterback Drew Brees, before winning his first Superbowl, saw himself walking out onto the playing field.

What is your “moment?” Here’s mine.

Invigorated by a long walk and at peace with how well my family is doing, I sit in my lovely office with forest light cascading through the window.

Copies of my published novels rest on a shelf.

My literary agent emails to say my latest book has gone to auction and that another has been optioned for a movie.

My imagination swirls with scenes, dialogue, and characters’ intentions for the new novel I’m writing.

Then I write, and the words flow beautifully.

7 thoughts on “What is Your “Moment?”

  1. First things first, I love the photo! Great choice, Eve. Second, the specifics of my “moment” vary but ultimately it’s meeting a young person who was inspired by my writing. You’ve inspired me to imagine my own more clearly. 🙂

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  2. I love this post. I love the visualize. It speaks to me on so many levels especially about the current book I’m writing. 🙂

    My moment is when I have my published book in my hand and I show my children the inscription: “To my boys who taught me what being a mother is; to my girl who inspired me to be a better woman”.

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