Fellow Writer, What Puts You into a Creative State of Mind? 


I’d be really curious to learn what stirs your imagination and creative spirit.  If it’s music, do you usually listen to the same music, or does the music vary depending on what you’re creating?  Reading great literature?  Exercise — rigorous workouts or leisurely strolls?  Habit, as in writing at the same time every day or in a particular environment?  Meditation?  Random things?

I’d love to hear from you!

11 thoughts on “Fellow Writer, What Puts You into a Creative State of Mind? 

  1. “Eavesdropping” is a good one, marjma! Hey, what a trip it would be to read a published work of fiction by another author and stumble across a transcript of a conversation that you’re certain you had with someone on a train or in a coffee shop somewhere.


  2. I have specific playlists for the novels I’m working on to motivate me. I’m also inspired by true crimes and criminals for my writing.

    My short story “The Puppet Master” was actually inspired by the movie Casadaga and the serial killer Ed Gein (who would kill women and keep their bodies strung up in his house like slabs of meat).

    Miro, the main character of Confessions, was inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer and David Parker Ray (obviously he has his own personality and back story, but they were what inspired his overall character).

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  3. Music helps. I tend to write late at night best. And exercise…that releivesnso much stress and things cooped up are released, making room for more awesome writing. 🙂 and places inspire me. Places I’ve visited or dream to visit.


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