The Winner’s Curse & the Traveler’s Blessing

Hello, fellow book junkies!

This week, with books in tow, I road-tripped through the American Southwest. As a hiker, I’ve always been most drawn to lush forests, but I can honestly say I now have an appreciation for the grand, mystical, majestic beauty of the desert.

At Zion National Park in southern Utah I got to walk under my first waterfall, something I have always wanted to do. In this picture, a poor hiker is scooting around me, probably thinking, “Get out of the way, weird lady,” but I had to stop and take it all in. Standing beneath Emerald Pools Waterfall, I was so thrilled I cried. Can you see the waterfall hitting the back of my hand?

In Northern Arizona, iron-rich red rocks and distant horizons in every–I mean every– direction made me feel as if I was on Mars. The largest boulders in this picture are four times bigger than my car.

Desert Road Trip Aug 2016 - Cave Dwellers Arizona or Mars

Photo by Mr. Eve Messenger

Traveling through Navajo country, I developed an addiction to fry bread, which is used for sandwiches and tacos (and probably other things), but my absolute favorite was fry bread hot and fresh out of the oven, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Desert Road Trip Aug 2016 - Indian Fry Bread

And here’s the book I read in my hotel room each night. I had no idea The Winner’s Curse would be such a page-turner, but it really was, and Kestrel and Arin’s forbidden love story hooked me so hard. Marie Rutkoski’s book has everything. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Happy reading and safe travels.


Eve Messenger

15 thoughts on “The Winner’s Curse & the Traveler’s Blessing

  1. OMG I’m so happy you enjoyed The Winner’s Curse Eve! I was worried my hype for so long would give you too high of expectations haha.
    And I’m glad you had a good time! :3 I, too, am usually a forest not a desert person haha, I just feel like there’s more to see..

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  2. Amazing scenery! By the way, do you associate books with the place you were reading them in your memory (if it’s a memorable place)? i.e. will The Winner’s Curse forever be associated with the American Southwest for you? I find this sometimes happens to me with books, particularly audiobooks, so when I read your post it made me curious if other people have this experience too.

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    • Oo, I heard about “weeping rocks” for the first time during my recent trip. The park guide explained that where the water “weeps” through the cliffs is where trails of bushes and trees grow, which made perfect sense. I’d love to visit Glacier National Park someday.

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  3. I own The Winner’s Curse and it’s been staring me down from my bookshelf for months now. I mostly only hear good things about it. Everyone says she’s not a typical YA heroine because she relies more on her intelligence than strength. I need to go ahead and read this!


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