POLL: What’s Your Favorite Kind of Book Review? #amreading

In your epic pursuit of great books to read, you’ve probably run across hundreds thousands of book reviews, and occasionally you stumble across a real gem. . . of a book review, that is. Maybe it glows with the kind of genuine adoration that touches your book-loving heart, or is so sizzlingly snarky it burns a hole in your computer screen. Maybe the review is so clever and insightful you wish you’d written it yourself.

If you HAD to choose. . .

17 thoughts on “POLL: What’s Your Favorite Kind of Book Review? #amreading

  1. My approach when it comes to writing a review is to write it as if the author will actually read it. I try and take the author’s feelings into consideration. Author’s pour their hearts and souls into their work, their books are their “babies.” I would never tell someone that their baby was ugly, so why would I tear someone’s work down? This does not mean I am not honest, I just try to be constructive with my criticisms, and try to build people up.

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      • I know what you mean. The “bad reviews” are so hard to write. I hate doing it, but like you said if no one wrote “bad reviews” it would skew the numbers and every book would have 4+ stars… Then how would I filter my to read list?

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  2. I always seek out clever and thoughtful reviews, but reading snarky book and movie reviews is a guilty pleasure for me. 🙂


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