Happiness, Like Opening Your Eyes to See Other Bright, Kind Fishes Swimming Alongside You. #amwriting

You know how sometimes you’re moseying through your life, teaching classes, reading great books, tending to the family, house, groceries, and pets, writing each morning before work (like you promised yourself you would, yay), and then someone says something nice to you out of the blue like, “You’re pretty,” or “You told me something wise in high school that stuck with me,” or whatever it is, and suddenly life feels more sparkly? There’s a shift. The current changes, and you feel as if you’re not swimming upstream anymore, or maybe your eyes are open wider to see the other bright, kind fishes swimming alongside you.

Three things happened this week that made me feel that kind of happiness, and they all have to do with writing since that is my life’s ambition and mostly what I blog about here. 🙂

  1. Melanie Noell Bernard invited me to post a guest blog in a special series she’s running in January. I really love Melanie’s blog, and it’s an honor to be asked. (I hope I don’t let her down.)
  2. My first reblog–thank you, Elizabeth Huff of the Well-Rounded Writer.
  3. A writer I crossed paths with during NaNoWriMo 2015 messaged me through the NaNo site (it’s crazy that I decided to check my message box there six days after the event ended) saying he “liked my style” in the WIP excerpts I posted in the forums and asked to be a beta reader for my novel. Wow, someone WANTS to read my book.

It’s been a good week.

–Eve Messenger



17 thoughts on “Happiness, Like Opening Your Eyes to See Other Bright, Kind Fishes Swimming Alongside You. #amwriting

  1. Fantastic Eve that you’ve had such a boost this week. A times it’s a bit uphill lonely task and then, whoosh these lovely events to give you a lift. I remember the first reblog I had – I didn’t even know what it meant! Will you post a copy of the guest blog (or even reblog) of your guest post? Brilliant you’ve got a beta reader too. Have a great weekend. 😀

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  2. 0.0 My name’s in your blog post… 0.0 *literally slapped cheeks in surprise* Thank you for the mention and even more for the lovely praise. It means the world to me!
    And please do not worry about letting me down. In all honesty, I’m the one who is honored that you agreed to participate. ^.^ I’m such a new blogger that I was afraid no one would want to. So, I thank you for helping me because without you there is no blog series. ^.^ I look forward to your post!

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