Liebster Award!

Thank you to writer Wallace Cass for nominating me for a Liebster Award. With a desire to meet other writers online and to gain insight into my journey toward becoming a successful published writer, I started blogging about three months ago. If my blog were a baby, it would just now be learning to raise its head and chest when lying on its stomach; open and shut its hands; and follow moving objects. In other words, I’m still getting the hang of things, and it’s nice to be acknowledged.

According to the Liebster Award rules, I must now:

  • Answer a list of questions
  • Nominate other bloggers.
  • Pose eleven  questions of my own.
  1. Do you feel that Writing is a Craft or an Art Form?
    I believe that writing is an art form but that writing novels is a craft.
  2. Where we came from is as important as where we are going. Agree or Disagree?  Embracing and overcoming my past is an essential part of who I am, but striving toward the mission of becoming a successful published writer is the most important thing in my life, so I’ll go with DISAGREE: where we’re going is more important than where we came from.
  1. I believe in hopeful futures. What do you believe in?  I believe in being positive. Through my teen years I was a worrier and a pretty negative thinker, but at 20 I made a conscious decision to be positive, and it changed my life — all because of a fortune cookie.
  1. What is your dream vacation?  Every time I see a clock at 11:11, I wish for a vacation to Europe, starting with my ancestral homeland Scotland.
  1. Did that last question snap you out of deep thoughts?  The last question snapped me deeper into thought.
  1. It has been said that everything has already been written. What are your thoughts on that?  I pretty much agree that all stories have been written, but they haven’t been written the same way.
  1. This is a long list of questions, isn’t it?  It’s not too bad.
  1. What do you like to read most?  I adore reading novels and always have.
  1. It has been said that Truth is stranger than Fiction. What is one strange truth that you know?  I think it’s remarkable that, as complex as human beings are, a fully formed one can be “built” in nine months.
  1. Is it possible to truly agree to disagree?  We don’t have to like it but, yes, it’s possible to agree to disagree in most situations.
  1. Did you find these questions interesting or difficult? Please be honest.  I thought the questions were pretty interesting, but I don’t think “interesting” and “difficult” are mutually exclusive. In fact, I find many difficult things particularly interesting.

Now *drum roll, please* the new nominees for Liebster Award are:
Eclectic Scribe
Kristina Stanley
Kelly Deeny
Dale E. Funk
Stephanie Flint
Glitter Afficianado
Linda Maye Adams
Jay Dee Archer

Here are your questions, nominees. I’m curious to read your answers.

1. How important do you think it is to network with other writers?

2. Do you ever read books more than once? Which ones?

3. What’s the scariest or most challenging thing for you about writing?

4. What is the most amazing thing about writing?

5. Where is your favorite place to write?

6. When’s your best time of day to write? Why?

7. What are three of your favorite words?

8. What’s one thing that would tell you you’ve “made it” as a writer?

9. In terms of writing or reading, what’s the best thing anyone could say to you right now?

10. Do you have any rituals, superstitions, or preferences related to writing or editing?

11. In the face of all the rejection that comes with being a writer, what advice would you give to someone to help them stay on a path toward achieving their dreams?

9 thoughts on “Liebster Award!

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  2. Congratulations and thank you for including me in this. I’m fairly new here but I appreciate the recognition and promise to get this finished. I’m going to be out of town (in the mountains) this week so will get this when I return.

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