Blogger Recognition Award!

Must stop fanning myself with my hands and use them to type now because, my, my, (sounds more like “mah, mah” since I’m speaking Scarlett O’Hara-style) I’ve received a Blogger Recognition Award from the lovely Rae of Bookmark Chronicles. Thank you, Rae! If you enjoy bright, insightful book/TV show/movie reviews that make you feel like you’re chatting with a smart friend, check out Rae’s blog.

blogger recognition

Blogger Recognition Award Rules

  • Tell the world why you started blogging
  • Give advice/tips to new bloggers
  • Share the picture above
  • Nominate other blogs and let them know how awesome you think they are.
  • Share the link to Edge of Night for the original post.


Why I Blog

If this makes any sense at all, my writing dream feels so much bigger than the small life I live that, for fear of diminishing the dream, I tend not to discuss my writing with friends and family. However, I DO feel comfortable sharing about my awesome, scary, exciting, joyful experiences writing for publication with folks in the blogosphere because they are safe, and they get me. 😉 Which brings me to my next point.

Advice/Tips to New Bloggers

100% be yourself. Read lots of other people’s blogs and be brave about leaving comments, even if they seem lame. Don’t worry that people will judge the crazy, silly, way-too-honest things you write. By blogging honestly, you will find the people who “get” you.

And now – drum roll, please – announcing Eve Messenger’s new Blogger Recognition Award winners!

Book Snacks – A mecca of great fantasy book reviews, plus Heidi seems like a really nice person.

The Book Minder – Happily stumbled upon this book blog and recently enjoyed a fun back-and-forth comment conversation with its author, the kind and funny Anaya De.

Writing Considered – Catherine C. Mead-Brower’s blog is a must-visit for anyone trying to making her way through the writing and publishing world.

Agnes Jasinksa – When Agnes writes about topics like enhancement and mind manipulation, it really gets you thinking. She’s so smart!

Angel-Lithium – steampunk writer and commenter extraordinaire

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