Just Say No to Cliffhangers

Angry about cliffhangers

I hate cliffhangers.  There, I said it.  I don’t mean cliffhangers in the middle of a story, of course — those are great.  I mean a cliffhanger ending to a novel — it’s a cheat, a crutch, a convenient device.  Inherent in every novel there’s a silent contract between writer and reader, included in which is a proper ending!  What should drive readers to want to read the next book is compelling characters and great writing, not — I repeat — a cliffhanger ending.

2 thoughts on “Just Say No to Cliffhangers

  1. I love this. Good writing *should* be enough. I’ll never forget how I learned this lesson myself. It was a few years ago, my son’s 18th birthday. We had dozens of friends over for a huge party at the farm.

    Everything was going wonderfully until I went to start the bonfire. The night ended with a helicopter ride to the hospital and a death.

    But that’s a story for my next comment.

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