Poll: Why Some Books Take Forever to Read #amreading

girl reading book Kerry Ciccaglione Clipartbest
graphic: Kerry Ciccaglione-clipartbest.com

In the golden age of Goodreads, it’s a joy and a badge of honor to be able to list the dozens of books we’ve read and, of course, fangirl over them with fellow book junkies. ūüėÄ We LOVE¬†reading novels! However, sometimes a book feels like it takes forever to read. Why?¬†It might¬†happen with short books or long ones, with¬†books¬†we enjoy and (more often) with¬†books we don’t. When it seems¬†to take an eternity to get through a book, what is¬†the #1 reason?


Fellow Writer, What Puts You into a Creative State of Mind? 


I’d be really curious to learn what stirs your imagination and creative spirit.¬†¬†If it‚Äôs music, do you¬†usually¬†listen to the same music, or does the music¬†vary depending¬†on what you‚Äôre creating? ¬†Reading great literature? ¬†Exercise — rigorous workouts or leisurely strolls?¬† Habit, as in writing at the same time every day or in a particular environment? ¬†Meditation? ¬†Random things?

I’d love to hear from you!