I’m not Saying I have an Imaginary Friend. . .

I.F.'s peace sign-patterned loveseat

But if I did, then she just said to me (from the comfort of her peace-sign-patterned loveseat), “Gravity doesn’t exist in my world.  I can rise as high as I need to, so get out from under those ceilings so we can soar.”

She’s corny like that sometimes.


Fellow Writer, What Puts You into a Creative State of Mind? 


I’d be really curious to learn what stirs your imagination and creative spirit.  If it’s music, do you usually listen to the same music, or does the music vary depending on what you’re creating?  Reading great literature?  Exercise — rigorous workouts or leisurely strolls?  Habit, as in writing at the same time every day or in a particular environment?  Meditation?  Random things?

I’d love to hear from you!

Just Keep Writing

Just Keep Writing

Lately, my writing has been hindered by an insane workload in my job as a teacher.  To complicate matters, a couple of days ago my YA fantasy adventure seemed to morph from a comforting creature into a monstrous vermin.  With 286 pages written and the second draft halfway done, I stepped back from it in horror.  I have so many ideas that it’s hard to remember to keep things simple, and I’m afraid of not being able to bring it all together.  But the answer is, and has always been…

Just keep writing.

The Word for “Lover of Words” is . . .

Logophile crocodile

Admittedly not the prettiest word, ‘logophile’ conjures an image (at least in my brain) of a crocodile, on a log, (ph)iling his claws. But seriously, how much can a person love her thesaurus? All 978 book-bound pages of it.


lexical bliss